Katy Water Damage Restoration

Is your home or business in Katy suffering from water damage? If so, prompt action is a must! Whether your home is currently soggy or has already been dried out, count on the services of Katy Water Damage Restoration to restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition (or rebuild it better than ever!)

We specialize in helping home and business owners in the immediate aftermath of a storm, flood, or plumbing incident. We offer an emergency response time, arriving as soon as possible after your initial call where our technicians thoroughly assess the structure for water damage.

A prompt Katy water damage response is essential in preventing secondary damage such as more extensive water damage and mold growth. For example, if the water isnít extracted quickly, it will continue to be absorbed by the building materials. What was once superficial damage can quickly turn into major structural damage requiring extensive remediation and repairs. And if the affected rooms are not dried out quickly, itís not long before mold and mildew make an appearance.

Our team of water damage restoration experts comes to your home and provides emergency cleanup services. For example, the team:

  • Assesses the water damage
  • Mops up as necessary
  • Performs water extraction using truck mounted extraction equipment
  • Uses blowers and dehumidifiers
  • Removes debris and damaged carpets
  • Cleans, decontaminates, and sanitizes
  • Applies mold inhibitors
  • Remediates mold damage
  • Deodorizes the home

We also provide carpet and upholstery cleaning, sewage cleanup services, flood cleanup services, and structural home repairs such as repair floors, install drywall, repair electrical systems, and other general contracting repairs.

When your Katy home or business is swamped with water, count on the Katy water damage restoration experts! We understand the nature of water and sewer damage as well as how to quickly restore your building to its previous condition.