Fix Water Damage

Wonder how we are able to dry out Katy homes and commercial buildings so quickly? No, we donít have giant sponges, but we do have giant extractors and blowers! We use state-of-the-art water extraction and drying equipment to quickly remove water, circulate the air, remove moisture, and facilitate drying.

Truck Mounted Water Extractors
When you hire Katy Water Damage Restoration, you are hiring a company that is well equipped to quickly extract the water. We use truck mounted water extractors and pumps to get the water flowing out of your home.

Industrial Drying Equipment
Powerful blowers, fans, pumps, and dehumidifiers are used once the water has been removed to facilitate drying. These arenít off-the-shelf products from the local hardware; these are industrial tools designed to move huge quantities of air and quickly remove moisture.

Air Scrubbers
Depending on the cause of the damage, air scrubbers may be necessary. Air scrubbers remove airborne particles, gases, and chemicals left behind as the result of water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, and mold infestations.

Moisture Meters
Some water damage is hidden, requiring the use of special water detection equipment such as moisture meters and hydrometers. Equipped with these tools, Katy water damage restoration technicians can quickly evaluate your home and pinpoint the areas that are suffering from hidden water damage and excessive humidity levels.