Mold Remedation

Without water, there would be no life because all living organisms need water to live, including mold. Even in the best of times, your home provides an inviting environment to mold, but when the house is suffering from a water event, it soon becomes a mold oasis complete with moldís favorite amenity: high humidity levels.

It doesnít take much to satisfy moldy visitors. A little bit of moisture and a food source is all mold needs to survive. After a water event, the moisture attracts the mold spores and their landing spots, whether on drywall, carpets, or wood, then becomes the food source. Within 24-48 hours, youíll begin to notice mold patches which rapidly grow in the days to come.

Katy Water Damage Restoration is equipped to combat mold both before it arrives as well as after. Ideally, prevention is the best defense and the best way to prevent mold growth is to control the water content. After a flood or plumbing problem, the water must be removed and the affected areas dried ASAP. We provide water extraction service as well as drying and dehumidifying the home. Once the immediate water problem has been addressed, we then apply mold inhibitors, further protecting your home from potential microbial invaders.

What if itís too late and mold has already invaded? At this point, mold remediation is inevitable. The moisture still needs to be controlled and the damaged items cleaned and decontaminated. Depending on the extent of the mold, moldy items may need to be discarded completely and replaced. This includes building materials such as carpeting, wallpaper, drywall, wood panels, trim, and ceiling tiles. Katy Water Damage Restoration can handle the complete job from the water extraction and mold remediation steps to the final structural repairs.